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Five Letter Words app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 6416 ratings )
Games Education Educational Word
Developer: Reddy Logic Games
0.99 USD
Current version: 5.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 05 Jan 2011
App size: 7.02 Mb

A game to check Your vocabulary in an engaging way. Play with all five/four lettered words in the dictionary to keep Yourself busy for hours. This wonderful app that teaches You many new words.


The first letter of a five/four letter WORD will be given.
Guess the WORD by filling the remaining four/three blanks with letters.
A letter will turn Green if it is part of the WORD and at the correct position.
A letter will turn Red if it is part of the WORD but not at the correct position.
Any letter that is not part of the WORD remains uncolored.

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Pros and cons of Five Letter Words app for iPhone and iPad

Five Letter Words app good for

I do enjoy this app. But I gave it only 4 stars because it would be much better if it would rotate with the iPad screen.
This app is one of the first apps I installed and I still play it every single day with coffee. The words are challenging enough without being too difficult, but not easy to guess! Has really helped me with recall. My large vocabulary is getting larger every day! Highly recommend this app. Suggestions: a "give up" button, stats on the word...example: there are 523 5-letter words that start with G. (when given a 5-letter word starting with G). Perhaps even a "hint" feature that will give you a letter in the word, for example.

Some bad moments

This is an OK app with two flaws in my opinion. One, the are no l clues so it is very hard to guess. And secondly, the words that are used arent used in everyday conversation. Half of them I never heard of. However, it is nice that they give you the defenitions of the words after the round. Overall, an OK app.
If you want a game like Lingo, dont get this. Improving your vocabulary sounds good, but who wants to lose over a word you have never heard of before? These need to be words that the average person is familiar with in order to be fun. Words like ovoid, lieus and a few others I cant remember right now, are just not appropriate. Average everyday words are a much better choice. No one wants to play a game you hardly ever win.